Ridge Forrester

Welcome to the world of Ridge Forrester

Hello, my name is Ridge Forrester and I'm the dynamic young fashion magnate in the fashion industry. You might remember me from the reality-tv made by Bell-Phillip Television Productions, Inc. called The Bold and the Beautiful that airs in the US on the CBS Television Network and worldwide in over 2000 countries.

There has been some false rumours going on about some guy called Ronn Moss who thinks he is acting as Ridge Forrester in some soap opera but that rumour is all part of big hoax. Cause as you can see, I'm the real deal and not some kind of soap opera character.

Ronn Moss - who's that?
Ridge Forrester

We here at the Forrester Creations made a deal in spring 1987 with Bell-Phillip Television Productions, Inc. to start making a reality-tv show called The Bold and the Beautiful.

Idea behind this project was first created by me, Eric and Stephanie Forrester with the help of William J. Bell and his wife Lee Phillip Bell to record our normal everyday life in the glamorous world of fashion. Our reality show is the most popular daytime reality show in the world, with an estimated daily viewing audience of 45 million in over 130 countries.